Free Fire Characters with their profession: Ever wondered how many characters are there in free fire game. If not, this post is for you. Please read on.

Free fire comes with several amazing characters with their own benefits. There are 39 characters in the free fire game. Let me name them one by one with their profession.

#1. Thiva

Thiva character in free fire

Thiva is the lead singer and musician in a band. He is the little brother of Dimitri.

He was innately talented and played music throughout his childhood. He really wants to help the world and improve people’s lives but believes the best way to do that is to reach the individual with a true message through his music

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Birthday: 2nd December

Special survival ability: Rescue (help-up) speed increases

#2. Dimitri

Dimitri character in free fire

Dimitri is a sound technology engineer and musician. He is the elder brother of Thiva. In his daily life, he would spend most of his day at the lab developing new sound technology.

After he found his passion for music, he realized that helping the world and improving people’s lives moving forward through his technological creations might be one of his dreams

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: 16th May

Special survival ability: Healing heartbeat: Creates a 3.5m healing zone. Inside users and allies recover 3HP/sec. When downed, users and allies can self recover to get up.

#3. D-bee

D-bee character in free fire

D-bee is a street dancer and music creator. He is an extrovert personality who loves to meet new people.

He believes that the meaning of life is creating, and that’s the reason why he becomes a creator. He is also fascinated by dancing and music.

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: 23rd September

Special survival ability: When firing while moving, movement speed and accuracy increase

#4. Maro

Maro character in free fire

Maro is a falconer. He prefers the company of animals over humans. He feels humans often overthink everything and forget about the true meaning of life.

He wants to be a free spirit and hopes that he can also help bring other humans closer to nature through his birds

Sex: Male

Age: 32

Birthday: 23rd May

Special survival ability: Falcon Fervor: Damage increases with distance. Damage to marked enemies increases

#5. Xayne

Xayne character in free fire

Xayne is a free spirited extreme athlete. She was always interested in more extreme activities even when she was a kid.

She prefers the adrenaline rush of xtreme sports instead of human interaction. Free-spirit, she wants to explore life and find its limits. If someone says ”you can’t do something”, she will definitely find a way to do it.

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Birthday: 21st April

Special survival ability: Xtreme Encounter: Gets 80 HP temporarily, increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Lasts for 10s

#6. Skyler

Skyler character in free fire

Skyler is the CEO and superstar of an entertainment company. He got his rise to fame as the hottest pop singer-dancer in the country, and he is now the CEO of the largest entertainment company in Vietnam.

He is the best musical talent in the business and to also find the best talent. He doesn’t like to lose and believes that creativity allows people to see the good in the world instead of the bad.

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: 5th July

Special survival ability: Riptide Rhythm: Unleash a sonic wave forward that damages Gloo Walls. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in HP recovery. Recovery effects do not stack.

#7. Shirou

Shirou character in free fire

Shirou is an app delivery boy. Shirou uses his free time to train at the Wukong Fight Academy.

The only certainty in his day-to-day life is that delivery work sometimes yields more fights and injuries than the fight training.

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: 20th November

Special survival ability: Damage Delivered: When user is hit from within 80m, the attacker is marked (only visible to user). First shot on marked enemies has additional armor penetration.

#8. Chrono

Chrono character in free fire

Chrono comes from a parallel universe where there is a higher science and technological level than the levels in our current world Earth.

He had a normal childhood in his original universe. His parents were famous lawyers who fought against poverty and to help bring the poor homeless people up into society.

Because of this he always had an awareness about vulnerable groups since he was very young and as he grew older he found ways to do his part to help as well.

Sex: Male

Age: 35

Birthday: 5th February

Special survival ability: Creates a force field that blocks damages from enemies. One can fire from inside the force field. Within the force field, you can increase in movement speed during activation

#9. Dasha

Dasha character in free fire

Dasha was a very happy and productive child but then a series of unfortunate events came into her life.

Her parents died, her best friend moved away, her foster family was terrible to her and her country was on the brink of war.

She felt betrayed, mistreated and abused by people and the system. When she was 18 she had to make a choice: fight for survival, let her past destroy her or to let it all go and have fun. She chose the third option, using fun as a weapon to take back her life

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Birthday: 8th December

Special survival ability: Reduce the amount of damage and time it takes to recover from falls.
Reduce the rate at which recoil builds up and the maximum amount of recoil.

#10. K

K character in free fire

K is a professor and jiujitsu expert. K was a bright kid, but he didn’t take school seriously like most kids his age. He was in a car accident when he was 16, still a junior in high school, and his spine was injured.

He was told by his physicians that he would never be able to walk again. But he refused to give up; this was not the end of his journey. He went to physical therapy, did his own therapy at home, and hired a personal trainer to assist him in pushing himself farther.

He was walking in a year and playing sports in two. This encounter taught him a few lessons that he would remember for the rest of his life.

Sex: Male

Age: 31

Birthday: 6th October

Special survival ability: The maximum EP rises by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6 metres improve their EP conversion rate by 500 percent. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 4 seconds for a total of 6 EP. CD 20s mode switch

#11. Luqueta

Luqueta character in free fire

Luqueta was an international exchange student. His father’s job required him to relocate. His father wished for him to follow in his footsteps by earning an MBA and entering the corporate world.

But Luqueta had seen his father’s life and didn’t want anything to do with it. He had never been athletic as a child.
He started playing soccer for the school when he moved; he knew he was talented as a kid, but in high school, he became a star. He was outstanding even though he didn’t have to work too hard.

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Birthday: 10th June

Special survival ability: Every kill increase the max HP, up to 35

#12. Kelly

Kelly character in free fire

Kelly is a sprinter in high school. Shimada Kiriko is another name for her. She enjoys running and is frequently seen on the track.

Her mind and body are wired to move forward. She will always push forward, no matter what the obstacles are.
Continue to run! KIRIKO!

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: 1st April

Special survival ability: Increase sprinting speed.

#13. Hayato Yagami

Hayato Yagami character in free fire

Hayato is the son of a famous Samurai family. Because Hayato is the only kid, he is responsible for upholding the family curse…

This young Samurai is hiding a secret from the rest of the world… Hayato is willing to give up his life for this.

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Birthday: 21st March

Special survival ability: Your armour penetration increases as your HP decreases.

#14. Moco

Moco character in free fire

Moco, the Cyber World’s legend. Moco is also known as “chat noir” because of her intelligence and skill.
She can break into whatever computer she wants and no one will notice. She vanishes like a ghost once she obtains the knowledge she requires.

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Birthday: 13th February

Special survival ability: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for a few seconds

#15. Steffie

Steffie character in free fire

Steffie identifies as a liberal. She has had a startling talent for art since she was a toddler. Steffie witnessed the development of Future Horizons in her country after the war, and how they went after artists in the name of a brighter future.

She became a well-known rebel, spreading incredible graffiti throughout the city to mock their cowardice.
She became the first non-hacker member of Cibernetica in order to restore freedom to the world.

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Birthday: 22nd March

Special survival ability: Create a graffiti that reduces explosive damage and bullet damage by 5% for some seconds. CD 45s. Effects do not stack.

#16. Misha

Misha character in free fire

Misha is a fantastic racer with a lot of potential. The racing community dubbed her Racequeen for her never-say-die attitude and incredible driving skills.

She quickly climbed to prominence as she competed in additional tournaments, always willing to take on new challenges. There are no curving roads for Misha; the path forward is always straight.

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Birthday: 26th July

Special survival ability: Increase driving speed and reduce damage taken while inside vehicles. Harder to be targeted at while driving.

#17. Maxim

Maxim character in free fire

Maxim enjoys watching livestreams while eating. He has a voracious appetite and never refuses food.

Even while competing against people much bigger than him, he has won multiple speed eating competitions.
Maxim was born with a bright demeanour, and he is well-liked by all around him.

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Birthday: 30th November

Special survival ability: Reduce time for eating mushrooms and using med kits.

#18. Andrew

Andrew character in free fire

Andrew used to work as a cop. He spent the most of his time following criminals due to his strong sense of justice.

His singlet was his lucky charm; he’d lost track of how many fights he’d survived while wearing it. His mission was to discover the truth underlying everything.

Sex: Male

Age: 42

Birthday: 25th December

Special survival ability: Decrease vest durability loss.

#19. Caroline

Caroline character in free fire

Caroline is a young woman who grew up in a rich home. Wherever she goes, she is always escorted by security.
She has enough followers to fill a stadium.

Without a question, she is the most popular girl at school. Her father and friends are the most important people in her life.

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: 10th October

Special survival ability: Increased movement speed when holding a shotgun.

#20. Laura

Laura character in free fire

Laura is a phenomenal special agent. Since she was a child, she has been a gifted shooter. Laura aspires to make the world a better place.

Sex: Female

Age: 24

Birthday: 21st May

Special survival ability: Accuracy increased while scoped in

#21. Rafael

Rafael character in free fire

Rafael is a deadly killer. His goal is to bring justice to the world.

Sex: Male

Age: 31

Birthday: 9th September

Special survival ability: Silencing effect when using snipers and marksman rifles. Enemies hit and downed suffer faster HP loss.

#22. Alok

Alok character in free fire

Alok left Brazil and travelled the world with the power of music. “Light” is the meaning of his name.
He’s signed a contract, and an exclusive concert for VIP visitors will take place on Free Fire’s battleground island!”

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Birthday: 26th August

Special survival ability: Create a 5m aura that increase moving and sprinting speed and restore HP. Effect cannot be stacked.

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#23. Jota

Jota character in free fire

Jota came from a middle-class household, was an average student, and had a loving family. In general, he led a fairly ordinary life, but he felt stuck and craved more action in his life.

He felt stuck in a metropolis with skyscrapers that filled the skyline, so he began climbing to locate spots where he could see the sky.

Sex: Male

Age: 31

Birthday: 23rd June

Special survival ability: When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user.

#24. Clu

Clu character in free fire

Clu grew up in a huge city’s suburb. Her parents were wealthy, and she grew up in a loving home where she never had to worry about the necessities of life. Her father was drafted into the war effort while she was a youngster.

He never returned home after the war ended a year later. He was never discovered. Clu became a private investigator after finishing from high school in the hopes of learning more about her father’s absence.

Sex: Female

Age: 24

Birthday: 28th February

Special survival ability: Locate positions of enemies who are not in prone or squat position, CD 50s. Teammates share skill effects afters level 4.

#25. Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh character in free fire

Wolfrahh grew up in a typical family. He was a bright youngster, but instead of studying, he preferred to spend his time surfing the internet and playing video games.

In the gaming streaming community, he became a viral sensation. His wolf persona and his witty remarks appealed to both men and women. He’s always seeking for a means to accomplish something more rewarding with his life than play video games.

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: 29th April

Special survival ability: With every additional viewer: Damage taken from headshots decreases,up to 25%. Damage to enemy’s limbs increases.

#26. Alvaro

Alvaro character in free fire

Alvaro was born and raised in a military family. When his liking for explosives was discovered, he was drafted into the military at the age of 14.

He’d construct his own explosives and detonate them in the woods behind his parents’ house. Alvaro is likewise regarded as untrustworthy and insane by the general public.

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: 28th May

Special survival ability: Explosive weapon damage increases , damage range increases.

#27. Antonio

Antonio character in free fire

Antonio is a well-known thug. He grew up to be a gangster after being orphaned as a child. He formed his own gang and spent the next seven years eradicating all other gangsters in his hometown. He repeatedly puts himself in risk to protect his loved ones.

Sex: Male

Age: 30

Birthday: 1st August

Special survival ability: Receive extra HP when the round starts

#28. Paloma

Paloma character in free fire

Paloma has a difficult past that she rarely discusses. She used to be every girl’s role model, as a beauty queen raised in the worst suburbs of her country.

She is now the pinnacle of wickedness, an armaments dealer who has the underworld in the palm of her hand.

Sex: Female

Age: 28

Birthday: 4th August

Special survival ability: Able to carry AR ammo without taking up inventory space.

#29. Miguel

Miguel character in free fire

Miguel is a well-rounded Special Forces Elite Soldier. Miguel and his team have taken countless offenders into custody as a leader of his squad.

He doesn’t mind how difficult the mission is as long as he can complete it. After a disastrous operation six months ago, he found that his trusted allies had abandoned him.

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: 7th September

Special survival ability: Miguel Can Gain EP for each kill

#30. Nikita

Nikita character in free fire

Nikita works as a bodyguard for celebrities. Her primary mission is to defend and escort Carolyn, the daughter of the Free Fire’s organization’s leader.

Nikita was an air rifle marksman in school when she was younger, which helped her develop her agility and strong senses. She infiltrated the organisation and became Carolyn’s bodyguard to fulfil her goals.

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Birthday: 11th November

Special survival ability: Reload Submachine gun faster

#31. Kapella

Kapella character in free

Kapella was nurtured by a family who recognised her talent as a vocalist and wished for her to become renowned. The celebrity was intended to assist the family obtain social respect; they didn’t care what Kapella wanted as long as she was successful.

Kapella like singing and began singing pop, but she had no idea her family was utilising her for their own gain.

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Birthday: 17th July

Special survival ability: Increase effects of healing items and healing skills. Reduce ally HP loss. Effects do not stack.

#32. Joseph

Joseph character in free fire

Joseph is a well-known physicist who also happens to be a gamer. He was the co-founder of a hugely successful tech firm. He was also a stellar student at the military academy.

Sex: Male

Age: 35

Birthday: 14th February

Special survival ability: Movement speed increased temporarily upon taking damage

#33. Notora

Notora character in free fire

Notora is a professional motorcycle racer. She was born into a family of biker gang members, but she despises a life filled with murders.

Her gang and another rival got into a gunfight, and her entire crew was wiped out, and she was captured. She escaped death and was sent to Free Fire Island as a result of her fighting performance.

Sex: Female

Age: 27

Birthday: 22nd March

Special survival ability: When driving a vehicle, restore HP of all members on the vehicle. Effects do not stack.

#34. A124

A124 character in free fire

A124 is a technologically advanced robot. She can switch between two modes: typical 18-year-old girl mode and battle mode.

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: 1st January

Special survival ability: Convert part of the EP into HP in 4s. CD 10s.

#35. Kla

Kla character in free fire

Kla specialized in Muay Thai and was a well-known martial artist. He abruptly vanished a few years ago, and no one could find him.

The Kla who resurfaced in front of everyone is not the same as the well-known Kla who was acquainted with everyone in the industry.

He is now a vengeful avenger who has no mercy for anyone. Be wary of his fists; they have the ability to break anything.

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Birthday: 12th December

Special survival ability: Increased fist damage

#36. Wukong

Wukong character in free fire

A Monkey that looks like a human being. He still likes bananas, though

Sex: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Special survival ability: Camouflage: Turn into a Bush

#37. Olivia

Olivia character in free fire

Olivia worked as a registered nurse. She finds joy in nursing and caring for those around her. She constantly gives her utmost in caring for her patients, whether it’s a friend or a foe.

Patients who have been saved by her healing touch are believed to have an unexplained strength and confidence in their lives. Olivia is a dependable partner in any circumstance.

Sex: Female

Age: 29

Birthday: 11th October

Special survival ability: Players revived by Olivia will get extra HP.

#38. Ford

Ford character in free fire

Ford was just a regular navy sailor. Even the most common individual harbours his own secrets. Ford was no different.
The name of a man is unimportant. What matters are his motivations and deeds.

Ford was a tenacious individual. She was possibly the only person who could make his resolve sway

Sex: Male

Age: 31

Birthday: 23rd January

Special survival ability: Reduce damage taken outside safe zone

#39. Shani

Shani character in free fire

Shani is a self-taught engineer who has built a successful career for himself. When she was 18, her parents were killed in a building explosion, and she lost everything she owned.

She roamed around for a few years, performing various jobs to make ends meet, until she was taken in by a junkyard owner and given a place to call home. She could work with garbage components and engineer to her heart’s delight there.

Sex: Female

Age: 30

Birthday: 15th June

Special survival ability: Restore armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armor, up to level 3.

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