Features of Boyaah App and how to use it in 2021: BOOYAH! provides viewers with entertaining short gameplay videos. You can live stream to major streaming sites with our app.

It can also assist you in automatically capturing and sharing your favorite gaming experiences with your friends and community! Play your favorite games like never before, and connect with your friends while doing so.

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Top features of BOOYAH

  • Gaming videos of a shorter length (clips). Swipe down to view some of our community’s favourite game memories! Upload your own video and have a good time with viewers all around the world!
  • Stream live to all of the major streaming services (Facebook, YouTube). You can restream your favourite game and talk with your viewers across all platforms at the same time, and there’s no fee or membership required!
  • Highlights. Following the conclusion of your livestream, our app will create a highlight reel with significant moments in which you experienced tremendous combat, adventure, and emotions!
  • With a single click, share your proudest game experiences with your friends on social media.
  • Play and record your games at the same time, and you’ll be the next gaming superstar in no time!

Be a part of the most cutting-edge way to share your gaming! BOOYAH! for godlike moments, incredible comebacks, and hilarious fails! assists you in capturing all of them

How to download Boyaah app for android?

If you’re an Android user then you must use this link to download Boyaah app on your android device.

How to download Boyaah app for iPhone?

If you’re an iPhone user then you must use this link to download Boyaah app on your Apple device.

In which country Boyaah app is available?

Boyaah app is available in the English language and is served worldwide.

Does Boyaah app gives diamonds?

Yes, you can watch live streams on the Boyaah app to earn rewards and diamonds. In addition, Diamonds can also be earned by rewarding the streamers with gifts.

How can I use Booyah app on PC?

In order to use Boyaah app on PC/Laptop, you need to download an Android emulator. You can download blueStacks or LD player to play any android games on your PC/laptop

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